Setting sun in December
Setting sun in December Special sunset in December
Wonderful outdoors
Wonderful outdoors Even during the winter months it is wonderful to enjoy the sunset outside.
Cacti The ripe cactus fruits are delicious and can be eaten. Watch out for the spines.
Unique color play
Unique color play Beautiful sunset with a beautiful play of colors in January.
View of Morocco
View of Morocco During the beautiful sunrise, the Rif mountains in Morocco are visible on the horizon.
Breathtaking sunrise
Breathtaking sunrise Enjoy a beautiful sunrise at seven o'clock in the morning in February.
Wide view
Wide view Wide view over the evergreen hills of Axarquía.
Setting sun
Setting sun Even in the winter months it is full of enjoyment with beautiful sunsets and wonderful temperatures.
Sunny winter day
Sunny winter day A wonderfully peaceful sunny winter day in February.