Privacy Policy

We respect your privacy and are committed to protecting it. All information exchange during your visit to our site takes place through a secure SSL connection.

In the following privacy statement you can read what information we collect during your visit and how we handle it.

Automatically collected information

When you visit our site, the following information is registered on our server:

  • Which pages are visited, for our stats.
  • Your anonymized IP address, to distinguish you as a unique visitor for our visit statistics.
  • Your type of Internet browser so that we can continue to improve our site for the systems our visitors use and better resolve any issues.

Apart from this data and the information you fill in yourself when you make a booking, registration or request, no information is stored.


The website of El Cielo en la Tierra only uses functional cookies. These are temporary files on your computer in which information is stored for the use of our website. These cookies originate from our site and are intended for the normal operation of the website and the booking system. All cookies remain on your computer for a limited time. If this period has expired, the information will be refreshed. You can block the use of cookies in your internet browser; via the 'Help' section of your browser you can find out how that works in your case. Please note: if you have disabled cookies in your browser, you can not use all applications on our website.

Search and book

To be as helpful as possible during the search and in the course of your booking, your session and your booking information will be remembered for a limited duration by your browser.

Your personal information

By making a booking or requesting our newsletter, the personal details you provide will be included in our secure database. We use your data to communicate the status of your reservation and payment, to send you the necessary information about your stay and to keep you informed about interesting offers. Under the Personal Data Protection Act we will in no case provide your personal data to third parties.

View and change your data

You have the right to inspect your complete personal data, as registered by us, and to modify or remove it. Contact us via the contact form.
If you no longer wish to receive our newsletters, simply opt-out for our newsletter via the unsubscribe link in our newsletter or via the website.

Public information

Information you provide in our guestbook can be read by other visitors. Please note that you do not entrust any personal information to the guestbook. We reserve the right to refuse reactions at our discretion and without giving any reason.

Contact us

If you have questions about this privacy statement or other matters relating to our services or this site, please feel free to contact us. Your question or comment will be dealt with expertly, confidentially and as soon as possible.